was founded by Pete Schindel of Bermuda BrickYard in 2009 as a way to assist local charities with fund raising. The idea started with one container load of Christmas trees and worked with a single charity to raise funds to aid in their activities.


After this experience the idea of continuing to bring in a container of Christmas trees at a reasonable price that were delivered to Bermuda while continuing to assist local charities was a wonderful way to give back. The result is To date, we have raised in excess of $80,000 for donation to local Bermuda charities.


Historically, the focus of the BrickYard fund raising activity has been to assist local charities by focusing on the youth of Bermuda and programs that support learning and skill enhancing. This year we will be sponsoring a food voucher program.


Working with selected local churches we will identify families in need and starting in February 2021 we will provide up to ten families with food vouchers for a twelve-month period. The value of the monthly food vouchers will depend on the amount we are able to donate.


Due to demand we have stopped taking orders.

We are trying to secure a 3rd container and will provide further details shortly.

Sept. 15, 2021 orders for pick up are ready. Collect your tree from the Brickyard now!

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